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4 Things You Can Do With an Instagram Email Scraper


Lead Generation

Find clients in your niche


Lookalike Audiences

With a lookalike audience, achieve 10X ROAS


Email Marketing

Cold Email prospects with your offer


Scrape competitors

Get a list of your competitors follows and their emails.

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Any Questions?

How Quickly Can ScrapeGram Scrape Instagram Emails?

Another huge benefit of using ScrapeGram to scrape Instagram emails is the speed at which it works. With that said, this answer depends on server load and the quantity of users you’re scraping. It’s also important to note that paid users will enjoy faster scraping speed than free users. With that said, you can expect results in less than 8 hours when scraping 100k+

Why Scrape Emails From Instagram?

Everyone has an Instagram these days, and thus, an email address tied to their instagram account. This means you can leverage Instagram to get in touch with anyone you want. Whether you’re looking to find high ticket clients in your niche, increase your ROAS by creating lookalikes, cold email prospects with your offer, or even snipe a competitor's followers - there are so many reasons to scrape emails from Instagram.

How Does ScrapeGram’s Instagram Email Scraper Work?

Our Instagram email scraper is 100% cloud-automated. It’s the simplest email scraping solution on the market. You don’t need an account, and you don’t need a proxy. Just log into the service, search the account, and we’ll email you when it’s done. It’s that easy.

Can I Try To Scrape Emails From Instagram For Free First?

If you want to try using ScrapeGram to scrape emails from Instagram for free, you’re in luck. As of right now, we’re offering your first 1,000 scrapes for free! See what’s possible with ScrapeGram before unlocking additional volume and features through a paid account.

Does 100K credits = 100K emails?

No - 100k credits gets you 100,000 users scraped. Our software does not have a 100% success rate. Not every email we’ll scrape is valid. However, it is one of the most powerful and efficient in the industry with a high success rate.

What Are The Different Plans Available?

Once your free trial is up and you’re ready to start scaling your scraping endeavors, you can choose from 3 different plans. Our most affordable plan starts at $30/month for those needing less than 100k users a month. For those with high scraping demands, our $359/month plan offers up to 1 million users scraped a month.

Do I Need To Leave My Computer On While ScrapeGram Works?

If you’re scraping hundreds of thousands of leads, you can expect it to take some time. Does that mean you have to sit at your computer and wait? Nope - because our software is 100% cloud-based, you can leave your computer or even turn it off while we work on gathering your email addresses.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

100% refund if Scrapegram doesn't work

How Much Volume Can ScrapeGram Handle?

Don’t worry about us - we’re working around the clock to continue expanding our IG accounts and proxies as we grow. At this point, we can scrape up to 4 million profiles a day! You can trust that we’re capable of handling any volume you need when it comes time to scrape Instagram emails.